…Jan has, and continues to be a godsend to us both, who find the infernal magic lantern a bit daunting … We wholeheartedly recommend him.
Mr & Mrs P, Charlecote
…Mr Lucas is highly professional in the approach to his work as a Computer Tutor … His approach is straightforward and logical and he shows a depth of knowledge … He has infinite patience coupled with a good sense of humour.
Mrs D, Shrewley
…I have found him most helpful and he is a very good and patient teacher. Its years since I used a computer”properly” and having him come to my house and teach me at my pace, has been a great help. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Mrs W, Hampton on the Hill
“I greatly benefitted from the sessions that I had with Jan, enabling me to form a good understanding of Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel in particular. The tuition sessions helped me to apply the learning to my needs and specific examples which brought clarity and knowledge. I felt empowered and able to use the applications confidently afterwards. Many thanks.”
Mr L, Leamington Spa